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A novel of evil, hope, and the afterlife, inspired by a true story.

The Ravine: A Novel of Evil, Hope, and the Afterlife - Robert Pascuzzi

The Ravine, by Robert Pascuzzi, is a novel of evil, hope, and the afterlife, inspired by a true story.


Tony and Danny Turner enjoyed many years of fame and glory as their high school football team's best players. Their dream of becoming professionals was crushed when they were not drafted. After graduation, stardom faded and they had to settle for a boring and tedious low-paying job at a local store.


The Turner brothers' attitude of entitlement took them down a criminal path leading toward the road to perdition. When one of their burglaries went wrong, they were caught and sentenced to several years in jail. Feeling ashamed, the family relocated to another city where the brothers' dad started a sporting goods business.


After their release from prison, the brothers worked for their father. Once their dad retired, Tony, the older one, took over the running of the family store and became a successful businessman. The Turner brothers integrated back into society, started families of their own, and became responsible citizens. However, Danny always felt like he was an underdog growing in the shadow of his brother. His dark side started creeping back to the point of no return.


One spring morning Danny's wife and older son were murdered at their home, leaving the entire neighborhood, close friends, and family in total shock.


As the story unfolds, the reader must keep an open mind to understand the root of the problem as it is gradually revealed by the homicide detective and a devout, spirited pastor helping the families cope with the tragedy.


The Ravine is a thought-provoking, page-turning crime story with characters and situations inspired by true events. It shows how the destructive power of evil, if left unattended, could lead to tragedy. On the other hand, it also shows how, for those who invoke His mercy, faith and trust in God's redemptive love defeats the power of evil and prevent eternal damnation.


I highly recommend this inspirational, life-changing story to readers who think they would like homicide novels entangled with unusual spiritual experiences. The end of the book will leave them wondering, Is that really possible?