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An uplifting and entertaining romance novel

Smokey Mountain Prayer - angela pisaturo

Smokey Mountain Prayer is the latest romance from award-winning author Angela Pisaturo.


The story begins in Chicago with a farewell dinner for Dr. Margaret Kelly MacDougal who is returning home to Horseshoe Cove,Tennessee.


Having recently graduated from veterinary school, Maggie yearns to continue the successful veterinary practice of her deceased father, Dr. James MacDougal. However, she is received with strong resentment from the local farmers and Josh, her high-school sweetheart. The farmers of this secluded, Baptist-dominated country town are very traditional regarding family roles and are outraged about Maggie’s career choice. She finds herself in a bigger predicament once her conversion to Catholicism comes to light.


Maggie struggles to keep her animal clinic afloat amid financial hardship and the turmoil of World War II. During these difficult times she relies on the comfort and advice of her small circle of old-lady friends. Her faith keeps her strong as she attempts to follow in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron Saint of veterinarians.


As the story unfolds, a series of unfortunate events shows the residents of Horseshoe Cove that fanaticism, prejudice, and narrow-minded views disguised as traditions and values could affect a society and prevent its progress.


When contacted by the author to write a summary and review of the book, I was honored. For me, the summary was harder because I was restricted to 100—200 words. In writing it, I limited myself to highlighting only the important scenes in order to encourage the reader to buy this page-turner of a novel. I hope I achieved that goal.


I accepted the double challenge because I like Ms. Pisaturo's writing style. I knew what to expect, having enjoyed and reviewed her book, Treasures in Clay Vessels. Her romance novels are clean, well-researched, uplifting and entertaining while keeping the reader engaged throughout. In both novels, she tastefully relates the differences in religious views of her characters without bashing any.


I recommend Smokey Mountain Prayers to readers who are fond of romance novels with a twist.