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Mystery thriller

The Soul Reader: A Novel of Suspense - Gerard D. Webster


The Soul Reader is the long-awaited sequel of the award winning book, In-Sight, from extraordinary Catholic author Gerard Webster.


In the first book, Mr. Webster introduces three main characters: Ward McNulty, a prominent syndicated political columnist; Carrie Hope, an outstanding reporter and news anchor; and Chet Garner, Democrat State Senator and aspiring Congressman. Ward and Carrie agreed to help Senator Garner to gather support for the development of the North Beach Project, a luxurious beach resort in Timuqua Island. As the story unfolds, however, their affiliation with Senator Garner would emperils both their lives and careers. In the climax of the book, Ward experiences a tragic car accident after which he is shocked to discover his new In-Sight ability.


In The Soul Reader, Carrie Hope signs a contract with a major publishing house to write a book about the untold truth behind the “North Beach Project.”She contacts Ward and asks for his assistance. At first, he is extremely reluctant due to the potential danger of this multifarious investigation. However after some soul searching, he agrees to help her.


Mr. Webster takes Carrie, Ward, and the reader on an intriguing international manhunt in search of clues regarding a series of unfortunate events associated with some investors of the North Beach Project. The investigation leads them to Mr. David Schoenhauer, a powerful and resourceful German investor and the extremely dangerous hit man Culebra, known for his ability to kill quickly, cleanly, and unnoticed. Culebra has valuable information that could compromise now-Congressman Garner, Mr. Schoenhauer, and other worldwide investors.


As a reviewer, I enjoy reading sequels. And I appraise them with a more critical eye. I expect a more elaborated story, better developed characters, and unexpected twists and turns leading to a climatic end. Mr. Webster exceeded my expectations.


Even readers who have not read the first installment, In-Sight, will be able to follow the story and understand each character's motives and actions.


The end gives reassurance that everything is possible for those who believe and trust the Master's plan.


I highly recommend this book to mystery readers searching for a suspense story intertwined with trust, love, forgiveness, Catholicism's teachings, and expiation.