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A story of courage

Flit and the Avian Flock - Kyle Metzger


With his book, Flit and the Avian Flock, author Kyle Metzger shares with his readers the story of the brave and determined hummingbird, Flit.


It is the time of the year when the Avian Flock meet for their annual Migratory Council at The Grand Aviary and report their findings concerning the Bird Kingdom, including the tragic death of two members, to General Rightwings. After the reports are given,Maka, Rightwings’s trusted assistant, announces a three-day competition among all birds to replace Albert and Sable.


Flit had always dreamed of becoming one of the hundred birds of the elite and honored Avian Flock, protectors of the Bird Kingdom. Once the official rules were posted, Flit knew that he would master the first two events but would need cleverness and determination to successfully complete the last one. Flit's attitude and commitment inspired other small birds to register and prepare for the competition, too.


Flit studied and trained hard. The first two days were exhausting but Flit was still holding on. On the third day only five birds remained, all of them aiming to have their plumage painted gold, an indication of their honorable membership in the Kingdom's elite.


I highly recommend Flit and the Avian Flock to families looking for an entertaining tale, that can be enjoyed by all and that weaves values and morals into the storyline. Old and young will be engaged as they follow Flit, the small hummingbird, overcoming challenges and obstacles and remaining focused on his goal---to become a member of the Avian Flock.


The end of the book brought tears to my eyes with its message that endurance, commitment, and humility make the impossible a reality for those who believe!


Mathew 23:12 For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.”