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Two powerful stories of faith, discovering, and growth

The Lawyer's Relic and a Grandfather's Dilemma - Julian Bauer




The Lawyer's Relic, penned by Julian Bauer, is an entertaining and educational novella about an agnostic lawyer, Mr. Antonio Mendoza and his bizarre experiences with a relic.


The story begins with the mysterious appearance of a Christmas gift at Mr. Mendoza's office. The package was wrapped with a bloody napkin and had no sender's name or return address. Inside, he found a bloodstained linen napkin and an index card citing John 20:7 “and the cloth that had covered his head, not with the burial cloths but rolled up in a separate place.”


At first he thought someone had sent him evidence from a criminal case. However, when he saw that people experienced life transformations after coming in contact with the napkin, he started to wonder about its origin.


His quest for answers led him to the Catholic Monsignor who, after noticing Mendoza's skepticism, referred him to the local Rabbi to inquire about Jewish burial customs in Jesus' time. Not fully satisfied with their explanations, Mr. Mendoza ordered a DNA test on the napkin. His quest for convincing evidence about the authenticity and origin of the relic would ultimately take him to the Vatican.


Is the bloodstained napkin truly a relic? Are the alleged miracles authentic? What series of events will bring Mr. Mendoza to his knees with a humble heart toward God? All these questions will be answered as the story unfolds, leading to an unexpected end.


Since I mainly write book reviews for Catholic publishers and authors, the repetitive arguments and clichés about conviction and conversions are sometimes extremely boring for me. Mr. Bauer cleverly and convincingly uses characters' conversations to make his points without resorting to the “preaching tone” that non believers can find off-putting.


It was refreshing to read the courtship scenes between the agnostic lawyer and his deeply devout Catholic fiancé, Pam. They are miles apart in personalities and world views, but those differences make their love unique and stronger as they join forces and resources to solve the mystery at hand.


The Lawyer's Relic is a short, easy-to-read novella that might cause a revitalization of your faith.









After the success of his first historical novella, The Scholar's Challenge, author Julian Bauer shares two short novellas in one book, The Lawyer's Relic and A Grandfather's Dilemma. The first novella recounts the story of an agnostic lawyer, an alleged relic, and the life-changing experiences that it causes to those who came in contact with it.


The second novella, A Grandfather's Dilemma, is the story of Tom Rider, the spoiled, sole heir of Rider Distilleries. The story begins with an unexpected visit from Ms. Sara Rider and her son, Tom, to Mr. Larry Dexter, author of the successful book, Developing Character. Based on what Ms. Rider has read she is absolutely convienced that only Mr. Dexter could help Tom become a wise, objective, ethical individual and a outstanding CEO.


At first Mr. Dexter refuses to help Tom. However, after some persistence from Ms. Rider, he accepts the challenge under some tough conditions for Tom who is used to getting his way.


As the story unfolds, the reader will be engaged into their character developing struggles, steep learning curve, and gratifying moments. Mr. Dexter's system is a mix of tough love, establishing clear rules and the consequences for breaking them, persistency, study of the Word of God and leading by example.The author shows why one should never underestimate the power of prayers, the wisdom that comes with age, and mercy. The end of the book, although dramatic, fits the novella's overall theme--compassion!


I recommend A Grandfather's Dilemma, to parents of teens and young adults who are looking for an astute method to raise a man of integrity.