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A journey of sin and redemption

The Passion of Mary-Margaret - Lisa Samson

In her book, The Passion of Mary-Margaret, author Lisa Samson tells an entertaining, uplifting, and encouraging story where the gifts of the Spirit are manifested by the main characters as they lead us to a better understanding of Jesus' Divine Mercy.


The book cover shows a picture of a lighthouse in the background and a religious sister holding a wooden rosary in her left hand, dressed on a white jacket and skirt set. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and the grass is bright green. These symbols of peace, hope, trust, and faith are key elements in the development of the story.


The book begins with Sister Mary-Margaret Fischer writing a letter to her best friend, Sister Angie. She is complaining about Sister Mary-Francis' idea of writing their memoirs for others to benefit learning about their personal trials, tribulations, and blessings. The book gives us a glimpse in the life of religious sisters, including their spiritual needs and temptations.


After the death of Mary-Margaret's mother during childbirth, she was raised by her grandmother and her Aunt Elfi. Then at school age, Mary-Margaret moved permanently into the convent school after her family could no longer provide for her. The school was located in a small island of Chesapeake Bay. She was in fourth grade when she met Jude Keller, the lighthouse keeper's son. Every day Mary-Margaret used to look at the lighthouse and see Jude rowing out on the bay. Even at her young age, she was immediately captivated by his rough personality and physical appearance but decided to keep their relationship as friends.


During her preparation years and mission work, she goes to Georgia, where she has a close encounter with the KKK that leaves her mentally and emotionally devastated. She then returns to the island to recover from that experience and to prepare for her final vows. To her surprise, Jude also returns to the island defeated, broken hearted, ashamed, and to make things worse, he had also gotten sick with syphilis.


Then, one day, Jesus asks for her greatest act of obedience. She is in shock and speechless. How can Jesus ask her to take a detour from their relationship to bring back Jude, the lost sheep, into His flock, now that she is so close to her final vows of complete unity with Him, her beloved. She is the good servant through whom Jesus will change many lives and God's name be glorified.


The reader will be amazed at the unforeseen turns of events as Mary-Margaret searches for Jude and the identity of her “rapist seminarian father,” among other places, at the city mission safe house, located in the middle of ''The Block,'' where sex, drugs, and prostitution are the norm of the day. “The mission” is a place of refuge, healing and redemption for those forgotten by society.


In her search for answers, Mary-Margaret discovers that there are three sides of her conception's story: her family's, her father's and the truth squeezed in between. Was she conceived in love, lust, or was she the result of a rape?


At the end, the truth sets her free, as she reconciles the past with her present and provides for a better future in peace with it all.


The Passion of Mary-Margaret is the journey of sin and redemption walking hand-on-hand the path to salvation through one person understanding and expression of God's greatest gift, Love.